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Capital City Creations Season 1 Empty Capital City Creations Season 1

on Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:02 am
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This contest will be the first in a series of "Capital City Creations Contests" which will be highlighting our first two civilizations, Greeks and Egyptians. We plan to host Season 2 when the Celts and Persians are released (this will probably be early next year). The objective of this contest is to create some nice cities for showing!

Now...to keep things reasonable (as in we don't have 10,000 entries), you must be on the Marathon Server to submit your final entry. So you don't need to transfer right away, you just need to transfer before you submit your entry.


Every city will be judged by our 3 judges with a possible of 30 points. Each judge will give out a maximum of 10 points. So for example:

8.6 7.4 9.3 = 25.3

We will not me discriminating in any way shape or form against players who have or have not purchased:

-Season passes
-Vanity Packs
-Premium Civs

Anyone is allowed to enter, and you can use any blueprints in your city to make it as luxurious as possible. We will be judging based on building placement, building variety, taking advantage of the map layout, and more.

Your entry MUST be submitted on October 30th. The judging will commence afterwards for the next week (although we may be lucky enough to get it all done in 1 day). We understand that there is no way to guarantee that people will not modify their cities after the deadline, we will rush the judging as fast as we can to minimize the cheating factor.

Signups will be closing on September 30th, which will minimize the number of late entries. So from the day this is posted, you have around 2 months to make you city as organized and built up as possible.

To enter into this contest, please submit the following form and post in this thread:
[b]City Name:[/b]

Lastly, if you are interested in judging for this competition (and possibly future seasons) you can fill out the following form and send me a Personal Message

[b]MMO's that you have played:[/b]
[b]AOE Games that you have played"[/b]
[b]What do you think makes a good judge: [/b]
[b]Why you would be a fair judge for this competition: [/b]
[b]Why you should be a judge over the other applicants: [/b]
[b]Other: [/b]

Judges are welcome to enter, but are not allowed to judge their own city. I will most likely be a 4th judge for the few cities that need a 3rd judge.

I hope this clears up the majority of the rules and regulations, as posted in the flier above, the prize is $50 which has been sponsored by a Moderator over at Voobly. Would like to thank Brandon for sponsoring this contest for us, and I know he is excited to see the results!

Good luck everyone, spread the news!
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