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Age of Empires Online Review 1/2 Empty Age of Empires Online Review 1/2

on Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:13 am
Hiya, I got my Age of Empires Online beta invite a week ago and have been playing since. So I decided to do a review of the Greek Civilization because Egypt has been closed for a month so the new Greek build can be test. The 2nd part of this review will come when Egypt is online again.

Gameplay: The UI & AI are well polished, The game is easy to understand for newbies. But the part that really defines is Quests. The game has many Quests. These can be played in Co-Op or 1v1 vs the computer. The object of these is to build your empire by settling colonies. Conquering big cities and Building your capital. You can also play in Player vs Player mode vs real players. The rest is all like Age of Empires III

Quests: Quests are started by selecting advisors and accepting these quests. The Quests are mostly to settle colonies and fight off enemies. You capture territories in these Quests. They can be chosen at any time from all your major cities. They can also be abandoned. They are accessed from the Quest Map(A map of your empire).

Quest Map: Quest Map is used to travel between Quest Maps and your Cities. It is an interactive place,

Buildings: The buildings in your colony are the common AOE: III buildings but the buildings you build in your Cities define the game. They are purchased in the forum of Blue Prints using Coin earned from Quests and can be placed anywhere on the City Map of the certain City. They all have a purpose e.g The palace is where you do research(This research allows you to build buildings, Armies and new research is unlocked which inturn allows your units to move faster, Build Faster. Do more damage, Gather Faster etc).

Resources: The game has 5 resources, 3(Food, Gold and Wood) are used normally whereas the others are for research etc. Villagers gather the 3 major and Priests gather the 2 others.

Military: Military are Infantry(Barracks), Cavalry(Stable), Archers(Archery) and Siege(Foundary), They are unlocked at different ages from the palace tech tree.

Buying and Selling: You can buy and sell stuff with Coin from the City Bazaar. You can sell Building blueprints, Technologies, Resources etc

Graphics: The graphics though not the best are funny in their cartoony form. They are sometimes Choppy but over all do well.

UI: The UI is polished, But not good enough compared to that of AOE:III. It is very minimal and sometimes hard to get by.

Verdict: Overall, I think this game is a worthy succesor to Age Of Empire III. Things need to be worked on but who knows what the end could bring. Its still the Beta!.

Score: 8/10

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