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AGL Tt Sports Dota 2 Ladder Empty AGL Tt Sports Dota 2 Ladder

on Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:35 pm

Details are as follows:
Commencement Date: Teams can start registering and challenge any time after they register

Prizepot :
1st 5x Challenger Pro
2nd 5x Saphira
3rd 5x SHOCK White

Registration Fee: Free

Closing Date for Registration : N/A (Teams can join a ladder at any time of the event without any disadvantage)

Region : This tournament is open to all Asian countries

Ladder Format:
The objective for each team is to try and gain as much points to climb up the ladder. The tournament plays out via a system of challenges. Each team can challenge a team above or below them on the ladder. If the lower-placed team wins the match, they then gain more points as compared to a higher ranked team that beats a team ranked lower. There is a no-limit as to how many times each teams may challenge one another.

Rankings are not based on who plays or wins the most games. It is entirely based on the teams you challenge. For example, a team could join after the top team is already on 15 matches played but after 6 or 7 matches they could be at the top by winning the teams ranked above them. This encourages teams to join the ladder at any time, without fear of being left too far behind.

If there are technical difficulties, you may leave a message below or contact the admins responsible.

The top 16 teams after the ladder has concluded will then qualify for the playoffs.

The playoffs will be played under the Double Elimination format

Matches are to be set by the teams themselves by challenging others through the ladder page.

Result are to be reported by the team leader themselves under the "Dashboard" on top right hand corner of the website.

Teams are requested to read and understand the Rules before competing and registering.

Rules & Regulations

Registration Method

Participating Teams

Result & Fixtures

Ladder Updates
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